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New bill on Child Rights Georgia


The Constitution of Georgia, along with international treaties and conventions, recognizes and protects the rights of children. Child rights are also protected by the Child Protection Code, which was amended in 2020 to strengthen the legal framework for protecting children's rights.

New Amendments to the Child Protection Code

The amendments to the Child Protection Code that came into effect in 2020 introduced several changes to the law, including the establishment of the Office of the Children's Ombudsman, an independent body that is responsible for promoting and protecting children's rights in Georgia. The amendments also introduced measures to strengthen child protection services, including mandatory training for child protection workers and increased penalties for child abuse.

Enforcement of Child Rights Law in Georgia

Despite these legal protections, there have been cases where the state has failed to enforce child rights law in Georgia correctly. The state care agency responsible for protecting children has been criticized for poor management and a lack of resources, which has led to inadequate support for children in need of protection.

How Lawyers.ge is Helping in Family Disputes and Protecting Child Rights

At Lawyers.ge, we understand the importance of protecting children's rights, especially in family disputes where children can be particularly vulnerable. Our family law team works with clients to ensure that children's interests are protected in cases involving divorce, custody, and child support.

In cases where the state care agency has failed to protect a child's rights, our lawyers can help. We work to hold state agencies accountable for any misconduct and ensure that children receive the support and protection they need.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing children's interests in court, advocating for their right to be heard and ensuring that their best interests are taken into account in any decision-making process.

Child rights law in Georgia is designed to protect the most vulnerable members of society, but it is only effective if it is properly enforced. At Lawyers.ge, we are committed to protecting children's rights and ensuring that they receive the support and protection they need. If you are involved in a family dispute or believe that your child's rights have been violated, contact us to learn how we can help.